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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  December 2, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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heavy rain, high winds, power outages and flooding. we'll wrap up the day as you round three and a series of storms saturates the bay area. >> the heavy and seemingly nonstop rains have left their mark all over the bay area. one of the newest problems in the santa cruz mountains. gateway just before noon and --
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1 entire lane simply vanished. as bad as it looks from the surface, the remainder of the rode way remains in jeopardy. >> some of the highlights from this morning's storm, powerful wind gusts and blowing wayne across west lake neighborhood this morning. a viewer sent us this video, wind gusts reached almost 50 miles an hour, higher up, wind gusts hit 80 miles an hour. >> broken power poles and downed lines left more than 600,000 customers without electricity. this dangling pole left 8,500 people without power. it has been since repaired. >> drivers in balnut creek, major -- walnut, major ponding on roads. cars are splashing through deep puddles. there has also been on
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highway 280 and mrafsh marsh creek road. >> there is another worry for the coming days. that's because the ground is now happy from all that water. so let's chick in -- check in now with chief meteorologist. we're looking right now at double digit rainfall in the north bay. we needed it, but look terrain fall totals. 10.2 inches of rain all. we nearly had ten inches in kentfield. seven inches in -- sfo airport, more than four, oakland saw three and a half and han jose --
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san jose. >> one rain shower anywhere close to it. we need to decrease this land slide. happy rain is finished. it will be clear tonight, some usurious fog because the ground is so saturated and rain is in the forecast. coming up on compl -- weather, i'm explain. don't forget can you track any storm at home, on our web site, >> glad warnings for the napa -- don tells us what may have played a big factor in preventing disaster. >> in the late afternoon sub, the napa river looks inviting enough. storms failed to bring the river less than three feet. up river, there were some minor flooding when it rose about half
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foot up stage. john rowjas has been through 20 years of floods. >> i used to believe sandbags didn't work, but they do. flashlights. just have everything ready, have your cars gassed up. others put their faith in the not complete flood project. >> i wasn't concerned. i know i've seen a lot v improvements in the nav napa river. officials say that next storm way not be as worrisome as they thought. >> in napa, don nap, cps five. >> this is the way the river looked this morning. a viewer sent us this picture
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before the flood was listed. because of lag time between rainful and run off, getting to the river it's still expected to swell to just below flood stage overnight. >> bad weather usually means bad news for businesses but some of the north bay were determined to keep the money coming in. we have two reports, showing the business owner's per perseverence perseverence. >> everybody was on pinning and -- pins and needles. there were a lot of people watching. >> close to 13 feed -- feet almost to flood stage. >> when we woke up this morning, we were shocked by how hard it was raining. >> business owners around here have definitely been through this before, and this time, they weren't taking any chances. >> artists michael field man's gallery is just step it is away
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from the creek. the sign outside his door from 2005 is i daily reminder just how high the water can go. he put out sandbags and watched like everyone else. >> it looked like christmas here. it was so many people walking around to check at the flood. >> even kids out in their boots to have a look at the rushing muddy stream. >> it looks like it's hot chocolate. >> the chairs at this cafe were put up high. it was back to business as usual. >> since we're barricaded in, why not make our business a little more mobile. >> cbs five. >> diners at the shellville grill in sonom accounty sits just -- the grill stays open
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even when the roads are closed. >> as clong as the water doesn't come in, i'm happy. >> the owner says this area is prone to flooding. he keeps pictures from past floods on the walls of the restaurant. back in 2005, the shellville grill filled with about two feet of water. >> when there's back to back storms, there's really nothing you can do expect wait it out. >> diners seemed happy to wait it out. >> i think it's great. we're kind of braving the floods. >> he has put up retaining walls and screwed wood on the door just in case. he's had to fix a lot of tam -- damage in the past but calls it character. >> i'll wait until it almost comes in the door and we exit throughout the kitchen. >> in shellville, cbs five.
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>> the destruction caused by toppled trees. >> it's the day after the strongest storms pounded the bay area putting this family in danger. this tree knocked this power line down and the family behind me is being kept inside for safety reasons. they can't even move their car. >> at first i thought it might be live. >> larry lives next door and he just has to wait it out. >> when i'm told the five department was here, they cut the power to the house so it wasn't a hazard. >> these power lines were knocked down and had had skylines shut down for the morning and this afternoon. >> seth stratton hoped to sell some christmas tree today but the rain stopped that from happening. >> with the roads closed not a lot of people can make it out.
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>> reporting, patrick cbs five. >> pictures of downed trees were also sent to us. the wolf family home suffered minor damage on its roof and patio. >> lisa tainer has sent some pictures of a tree on top of cars. can you see the saturated ground gave way. >> the floods in this area is officially over. what stopped the historic flooding along the river. >> two coast guard members were flown from the boat. >> one of them did not survive. one injured coast guard and the death of another
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collapsed in japan. about 150 concrete panels fell frm . >> at least nine people are known to have dead after a major tunnel collapsed in japan, about 150 concrete panels fell from the roof. the bodies were found in three crushed cars about 50 miles west of tokyo. a number of survivors were able to escape on foot. >> investigators are investigating negligence. >> tragedy for the coast guard as it investigates smuggling. a small boat noticed -- deployed boy the coast guard was rammed today. here's how it turned deadly. >> the us coast guard is
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morning a loss of one of their own. suspected of smuggling drugs and running without any lights. >> as the cutter in the small boat closed in, the boat suddenly increased speed and rammed into the cutter small boat and fled the scene. >> it was traveling so fafl when this crashed into the coast guard boat, two members were thrown, one being chief petty officer terrell horn. >> the two remaining coast guard members rescued the other members. >> the two were rushed to to the hospital where horn was pronounced dead. horn leaves behind a young daughter and a wife who was pregnant. >> i'm definitely going to visit but i'm going to wait a
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couple days, let her family come in that's arriving so i don't want to be a bother to them, just stop by and offer my help if i can do anything for them. >> chief petty officer horn was an outstanding member. he gave his life in service,en forcing the laws of this nation. >> homeland security investigators are also involved in this case. >> los angeles police say four people have been found shot to death, their bodies laying face down outside a suburban house. the victims were discovered this morning outside a large house in mother ridge. the home -- north ridge. the home running as an unlicensed boarding house. detectives looking into a motive. >> timmothy giet ner gets tough. he says the obama administration will refusion any fiscal deal that does to the include a high
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school on taxes for americans. >> he remains optimistic despite harsh words. >> with the clock ticking in washington and the fiscal cliff looming, he says the white house will only agree to a plan that including higher tax rates. >> if they are going me -- to force higher rates on all americans because their tax rates go up on 2% of americans, that's a choice we'll have to make. >> one1.6 trillion in tax revenue, cuts to medicare. he insists the bush era tax cuts must expire. >> what we did is put forward a very comprehensive, mix of savings and tax reforms that help us put us back on a path to stabilizing our death and living within our means.
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>> rebel cans did not welcome -- republicans did not welcome the proposal. >> i think it's essentially a rerun of his revenue proposals. they are 1.6 trillion in revenues and tax increases. >> and they're expressing frustration with the lack of progress. >> i would say we're nowhere. he's pointing out the administration did offer six hundred billion in cuts to healthcare. he remains optimistic a deal will be made. i'm elizabeth reporting. >> the u.s. supreme court could announce tomorrow whether it will hear appeal on several cases involving same sex marriage. one is an appeal from a california initiative banning gay marriage that has been struck down in lower courts. if the justices decide to let the rulings of the justice court stand, same sex marriage would immediate become legal in california. five challenges to the defense of marriage act are also being
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considered. >> well, the flood threat in nef never is over. flooring that was expected never happened. it turned out to be colder than predicted. there was no -- more snow and less rain. the trinity river is now expected to crest below blood stage -- flood stage. >> we saw some blue ska skies. we had a beautiful afternoon after a stormy morning. what a difference it was as we went basically from winter time weather to at least the sunshine. here's a peak outside. we have mainly clear skies ask that's allowing us to cool off. >> many of you are already down into the 40s, 47 right now for concord, 46 for liver more. can we -- santa rosa down to 44.
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a lot of rainfall, officially the air report received 4.0 inches. that's a lot, and it's actually more than we typically get in an entire average december. so a month's worth of wintertime rainfall we just received in the past five days but we are crystal clear. we'd like to stay that way until more rain moves from the north and it will be far less. it's not really round four, it's just rain. >> fair field, 45, free mont 46. red wood city, 46. the warm spot will be san francisco own dropping to 56 degrees. >> storm track is still somewhat what active but unlike the past couple time it's not aimed at us. the other thing i want to point out, the stuff to the west is
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being kicked to the north. it's going to move to western oregon and washington. in this case it's not going to keep it entirely away from us but it will make the next weather system that moves in of -- more of a glancing below. >> tuesday night into wednesday, we're still going to get some rainfall but not the heavy stuff. most of the rain stays to the north. we'll get some maybe in the north bay mountains. run of the min rainfall. partly to mostly sunny skies. wednesday looks soggy. we'll have off and off rainfall but computer forecast models say several straight dry days, perhaps a week. >> concord tomorrow, 62 for a high. the average is 58.
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oakland, you'll be five degrees above average, normal is 59. lower to mid 60s liver moore, 63, and low 60s for san francisco, dale city, 64 -- we're looking at 63 for santa rosa, maybe in march. here's our extended forecast. >> dry tomorrow, a little bit cloudyier on tuesday. we get into the really dry stuff thursday through sunday, low tormid 60s mainly -- we got a tun of rain, but it's now behind us. it seems like it should have been worse. >> and it would have been worse if it were in the winter time. one saving grace, the grounds were dry. if this was january, february this would be a huge problem because there would be nowhere to put the water. this morning's weather
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toppled over a big rib. he says the truck driver ignored the high wind warnings and he paid for it. officers say he drove at expressive speeds before crashing. the truck driver wasn't hurt and there were no other cars involved. >> high winds are a maker concern as crews try to maintain a wildfire. the fire has scope offed more than 3,500 acres in colorado and has been burns since october 9th but strong winds doubled its size. crews have it 20 praers contained and are planning to say on the fire lines. >> this is an area not necessarily prone to weather but with the climatic changes, the weather patterns we've been experiencing, occasionly we get these large dispurptive fires. >> an illegal camp fire is likely to blame.
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>> you'll see them at a later date. the stars being honored at the kennedy awards, more in a minute ,,,,
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. the finale of the twilight saga held a top spot. it was a typically slow after thanksgiving weekend. the saga falls to the top spot, life of pi rounded off the top five. >> david letterman stupid human tricks and top ten list are join the ranks of american cultural achievement. a late night comedian received this year's kennedy honors. dustin hoffman, president obama honored all the recipients to a ceremony in washington, d.c. they will air on cbs the day
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after christmas. and south koresn pop star one big for his hid gang am -- could the raiders stop -- he might have taken a step back. we'll show you in a minute, next music's, ready !
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters., they went o overtime again..but this ti, . three weeks ago, the 49ers and the rams went to over time and settled nothing. today, this time there was a
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winner. first quarter frank barrels in to give the 49ers a seven-nothing lead. jump to the fourth, 10-249ers:rams recover and they score. the game was stied -- tied at ten. 51 yards out. then -- the rams upset the 49ers 16 to 13. -- open josh gordon, 44-yard score e ten to nothing cleveland. down just 13-10. carson palmer looking for the win, picked off by sheldon brown. browns win 20-17, raiders lose
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their fifth straight game. all right. i've got to ask you, 49ers, both their quarterbacks have things to add mire about them, so who's going to be their quarter back. >> you never go back. remember in high school, you had the boyfriend, and there were times you wanted to go back? he said never go back, and look where you are now. >> we'll give it more time on at 11:30. >> in other words ,,,,
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